Subchapter V Services

Verita’s cloud-based platform for Subchapter V services offers seamless and efficient management for your case, whatever its size.




To help you simplify and navigate even the most complex engagements, the TFS platform provides:

  • Comprehensive reporting functionality to provide updates on case progress and ensure transparency in the administration of the debtor’s reorganization, including
    • All UST-required reporting, using UST-approved depositories
    • Custom report generation and ECF document automation
    • Monthly, NDR, and final reports
  • Legacy software features to benefit chapter 11 Sub V trustees, including
    • Claims import
    • Case docket import
    • Final distributions
    • NOTFILED claims
  • Reliable and accurate case data
  • Thorough secondary validation of data accuracy by trained Verita staff
  • Advanced automation to further reduce administrative time and workload
  • Compatibility with Apple, Android, and tablet, as well as all PC and Mac devices
  • Customized trustee administrative support service from Verita’s veteran team
  • Passionately responsive support, with expert staff available 24/7

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