Receivership and Assignee for Benefit of Creditors

We support you every step of the way so that you can stay focused on the big picture. In addition to offering our receivership platform for in-house use at no additional charge, you can engage the Verita team for various administrative support services, like claims and noticing or distribution.


Verita offers you the confidence of:

Unique, comprehensive software
Every member of the Verita team prides ourselves on being your one-stop shop for managing simple or complex receivership assignments, with:

  • Solutions for batch claims processing, asset reporting, associated defendant tracking, and integrated banking
  • An exclusive QuickBooks® integration for timekeeping and expenses
  • Robust quarterly reporting for ongoing insights into the progress of your assignment
  • Flexible methods to assist with the completion of SFAR
  • Additional data analysis to help simplify the distribution process

Unmatched efficiency
The combination of Verita’s integrated platform and our responsive, veteran support team help you streamline the receivership process, with:

  • Ongoing guidance, led by our comprehensive receivership expertise
  • Document and email management in one easy-to-use platform
  • Intuitive expense, invoice, and timekeeping management without additional third-party software fees
  • Tailored administrative support from knowledgeable industry professionals
  • Effortless handling of funds with secure banking options from deposit to disbursement

Exclusive QuickBooks® integration
Streamline your court and monthly operating reporting process, with Verita’s proprietary Billing and Invoice data integration with QuickBooks®.

Create and automate customized reports to expedite your workflow, ensure compliance, and maintain organization across your full work stream.

Multiple trusted banking options
With the TFS platform, receivers and fiduciaries can access a robust network of banks that offer flexible and efficient benefits such as:

  • Opening same-day bank accounts and funding, regardless of KYC completion
  • An average one-week turnaround, from start to finish
  • Specialty deposit options and resources for both state and federal equity receivers
  • No limits or restrictions on funds, removing minimum balances, early withdrawal fees, or incurring bank fees from the equation

Unique asset and associated defendant tracking software
In the TFS platform, you can link expenses to specific assets to efficiently allocate recovery and expenses against multiple defendants.

Robust quarterly reporting helps accelerate the completion of SFAR and other data analysis.

Best-in-class customer service
Verita believes in personal, efficient, and most importantly, effective customer service. Our team brings years of collective experience to your engagement, and you will not be transferred to a massive helpline. We’ll ensure you speak directly to the specialists with the answers you need.

Treasury & cash management services
Verita’s Trustee and Fiduciary Services team offers a variety of specialty fund and disbursement services that provide clients with:

  • Competitive rates
  • Limited-to-no upfront fees
  • A robust network of bank options
  • Automated daily account reconciliation and reporting
  • No limits or restrictions on funds, removing minimum balances, early withdrawal fees, and incurring bank fees from the equation
  • Support for restructuring that may include a Debtor-in-Possession (DIP), Professional Fee Escrow, or 363 sale of some or all of the companies assets

The TFS team, in tandem with Verita’s core claims, noticing, and solicitation services, brings a full suite of useful service offerings under one roof.

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