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At Verita, we always strive to improve your day-to-day operations with new innovations — like our seamless process for managing all stages of your chapter 11 case.


TFS distribution software
At no cost to fiduciaries, Verita also offers a comprehensive distribution software platform that offers multiple cost and time-saving features, including:

  • Robust bank account and ledger management
  • An automated distribution wizard that calculates percentages to creditors
  • The ability to write and deposit checks or set up wires directly within the platform
  • Streamlined claims and asset management, using Verita’s advanced smart grid
  • Automated reconciliation of bank accounts to save time and reduce human error
  • Distribution and custom merge reports

Monthly operating reports
The TFS Platform’s user-friendly interface lets you seamlessly generate UST-compliant Monthly Operating Reports (MORs) without interrupting your workflow.

Customizable data tags also make data organization easier and more intuitive, helping maintain clarity throughout the chapter 11 process.

Unique, comprehensive expertise
Verita’s TFS subject matter experts are unparalleled in the industry, and can help you navigate every step of your engagement with confidence. We can:

  • Support all varieties of specialty tax reporting, including complex wage claims disbursements and IRS form preparation and reporting
  • Support foreign disbursements with our deep understanding of the unique concerns surrounding international currency payments for cases of all sizes

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