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Verita offers leading technology, secure banking services, and proven expertise to help bankruptcy and receivership professionals fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities with confidence.

Meet the TFS Platform

Verita’s end-to-end case management platform provides a comprehensive suite of solutions for unmatched productivity and performance.

Whether you work as a trustee, receiver, or administrator, the TFS platform offers you access to multiple trusted banking partners, industry-leading customer service, and digital solutions to achieve even greater productivity while reducing your administrative burden.

Our platform uses cutting-edge technology to change how fiduciaries work. Its suite of solutions, resources, and materials unlock efficiency and optimize your operations throughout every stage of the bankruptcy and receivership process.

We believe in technology that performs and service that excels.

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The TFS platform, paired with Verita’s comprehensive support, helps you simplify and seamlessly resolve your chapter 7 cases, no matter how complex.

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Verita’s TFS subject matter experts are unparalleled in the industry, and can help you navigate every step of your engagement with confidence.

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The TFS team and/or platform can assist clients with the establishment, oversight, and administration of specialty fund accounts.

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Verita’s cloud-based platform for Subchapter V services offers seamless and efficient management for your case, whatever its size.

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At Verita, we always strive to improve your day-to-day operations with new innovations — like our seamless process for managing all stages of your receivership case.

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Why Verita?

The TFS platform revolutionizes your trustee and administrator operations, offering advanced technology, best-in-class resources for chapter 7 and 11 processes, and exceptional customer service — all through a single, trusted partner.

phone Verita Helpline

More than a support center, our Helpline connects you with an expert ready to provide you with personal service with a live chat feature to help you tackle any challenge. The TFS platform builds on this legacy, with a wide range of support resources and access to a network of industry experts. Our mission is to help you stay focused on the big picture. Verita Helpline: +1 (855) 617-7666

paper Experienced Account Management

Verita provides a range of 24/7 account management services to help ensure your success. Our account managers have an average of 20 years of experience as former bankruptcy trustee administrators, as well as extensive account management experience.

partner_exchange Strategic Partners & Comprehensive Support

When slowdowns or technical issues threaten the health of your case, you need expert, timely, and dedicated support to get back on track. Verita offers real support from people who understand your work and have the solutions to help overcome any challenge — delivered with industry-renowned service excellence.

Innovation at Verita

Verita’s TFS platform is built on a foundation of client-driven evolution — and we continue to improve the platform to better meet your needs.

As the industry and our services continue to grow, you can expect: quarterly, feature-rich software releases built on ongoing client conversions and feedback and extensive training sessions from our experienced relationship management team to help you make the most of the TFS platform’s latest features and detailed release notes, focused on how new upgrades and features can better streamline your workload.

“We have been working with Verita for the past year and are very pleased with our experience. The software is easy to use and the interface is intuitive, making the transition very smooth. Their team has also been very responsive to changes or updates we have requested. This has shown us that the company values its customers and is dedicated to providing a high-quality product and service that meets our needs. We look forward to this continued partnership with Verita."

Geoff Winkler American Fiduciary Services LLC (Federal Equity and State Court Receiver)

“My company has been working diligently with Verita over the last year to customize a software platform for Court Receiver’s to run and manage their cases. I have to say the end product is very good and is saving us thousands of dollars each year. I highly recommend Verita’s receiver software especially if you use QuickBooks and want to streamline your daily time-keeping, expense and invoice operations.”

Kevin Singer Receivership Specialists (State Court Receiver)

“I chose Verita after learning how easy it is to manage my SubChapter V cases on the TFS software platform. Verita’s team is very responsive and knowledgeable. They genuinely care about my needs and preferences, often customizing the platform to better support me in my role as trustee.”

Kathleen DiSanto SubChapter V Trustee

“Where do I start with how satisfied I have been with the switch to Verita! I am sure that I am not alone among trustees when I state that I feared the hassle and headaches of switching software platforms. However, my transition to Verita was smooth, efficient and headache-free! In hindsight I now wonder why I didn’t make the move to Verita earlier. The Verita TFS software has made my trustee practice so much easier and more efficient. My 341 preparation time has been cut in half. The use of two monitors and the ability to open multiple program modules has been a godsend for conducting Zoom 341s. The ability and willingness to modify the software based on my preferences adds to the benefits of Verita. But it is the support staff and all the Verita personnel that truly makes Verita special. I know that I will get a response quickly from my Relationship Manager and anyone else to help me with questions ranging from hardware to software to trustee procedures. I really wish that I had made the transition years ago but now I am glad that I did.”

Frank J. Kokoszka Chapter 7 Trustee

“I wish I had made the jump to Verita years ago. Since the switch, I find that processing my cases has been so much easier. Verita's ability to either make an existing software feature function in a way that I prefer to work, and the company's willingness to make enhancements to the program both before and after they onboard a trustee, is unlike what I experienced with my prior software provider. I get extremely prompt answers to my questions through chat and email features that go into a queue for any of the relationship managers to pick up, whereas with my old company, if my relationship manager was with another trustee, or otherwise occupied, I had to wait for that person. Verita's "back office" features--such as where Verita staff imports claims, breaks up tax claims into the appropriate secured, priority and unsecured claims, posts my trustee per case payments to the cases when I send the voucher, and reviews my banking every day to alert me if the reappears to be any issue--are great time savers for me and my staff. The software is browser based with very limited buffering, and it is intuitive, functioning the way that trustees think and work."

Cindy Johnson Chapter 7 Trustee

"In our role as Post-Effective Administrator in the Easterday Ranches and Easterday Farms chapter 11 cases, my colleague George Demos and I had a very short fuse under the Plan to get the fiduciary bank accounts fully operational, verify payment calculations and make creditor disbursements. Verita's work was instrumental in meeting the Plan deadlines. For example, the Verita Team had the fiduciary accounts opened painlessly within hours. The senior team was always accessible and worked very closely with us and the bank through the entire process, including confirming transfers, generating and mailing custom checks and assisting with wires that enabled us to meet our duties under the Plan with the least amount of stress possible!”

Seth Freeman B. Riley Advisory Services (Plan Administrator)

The People Behind Verita TFS

The best results require professional excellence from all of your partners. Verita’s client service experts bring decades of experience to your work, addressing your immediate needs — and planning for future possibilities.

Whatever your needs, you can depend on us to get the job done.

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