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With decades of experience together, our current team has managed roughly half of the top 20 class or collective actions of all time and nearly a third of the top 100. In every instance, we offer a personal service grounded in our singular experience and the industry’s deepest subject matter expertise.

Verita pioneered the digitalization of the industry, from email/text notice to online claims filings to digital disbursements. In all instances, we rely on secured, scalable, advanced technology to drive solutions that ensure transparency and efficiency.

Meet Our Team 

Why Verita?

Because no firm can match our stability, experience, and expertise. You deserve an administrator who values your work as much as you do. We sweat the details, and our proven processes are founded upon exhaustive and precise planning, secured technology, and measured, transparent results. We do much of our best work well before the claims process begins.

Verita is a trusted, highly responsive partner recognized by The Recorder,
The New York Law Journal, and the National Law Journal for excellence in claims administration.

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Robust Administration Experience

Our experience is unmatched, and our team has seen and solved the most complex of issues. The Verita team brings extensive experience to your business, having administered over 10,000 matters and distributed more than $2 billion (USD) annually for the last 10 years. In every instance, we reject cookie-cutter methods and evaluate each project for its unique and specific needs.

Industry-Leading Infrastructure

Our scalable infrastructure offers unparalleled scope and flexibility and is rooted in best-practice security infrastructure, rigorous data security, and a team with decades of experience.

Exacting Security Standards

Verita adheres to AT Section 101 standards. Our efficiency and scalability are rooted in our benchmark-setting proprietary technology, which ensures best practice security protections and relentless efficiencies.

Our Services

Our services are rooted in our expertise, our experience, and our stability. Because we understand that no two settlements are exactly alike, Verita relies on our unmatched expertise to tailor solutions specific to your needs and the needs of those you represent.


Develop a comprehensive project plan before final settlement with the help of Verita’s expert advisors.

We consult with you in advance to build a predictable, effective, and milestone-driven strategy for administering your settlement, including:

  • Plain language notice and defined project timelines
  • Established and secured data & management processes
  • An effective media and noticing strategy to keep potential claimants informed
  • A content-rich case site that centralizes all relevant information
  • Expert support to handle class member inquiries without impacting your team’s capacity

As evidenced by our resume, our expertise and experience is unmatched. Your dedicated Verita support team, with decades of combined experience, oversees each step of the process. Verita’s time-tested procedures ensure your claims administration process is both secure and efficient.

Our proprietary technology platform streamlines claims filing and management.

Partnership with Verita means:

  • A team that understands the needs of your case
  • Secured data and best practice security
  • On-demand reporting
  • Rigorous personal review, analysis, and quality assurance for each claim (compliant with AT Section 101 auditing standards)
  • Distribution of customized claims forms
  • Secure claims processing online, by mail and over the phone

Our team uses an array of collection methods to create a master mailing list and custom class member database for your engagement, ensuring you reach prospective class members and streamlining the management of their data.

We are committed to the secure handling and management of PII including compliance with all applicable data privacy laws.

We work to:

  • Import and centralize records in our case management system
  • Keep data protected, secured, and segregated throughout the administration
  • Translate and transfer class member data, as necessary
  • Update class member records using proprietary address-locator services (removing or correcting duplicate and undeliverable addresses)
  • Ensure data quality with peer-to-peer signoff and third-party auditing

We provide the best possible notice options for every situation, such as social media and media campaigns, various compliant notice methods, and expert testimony regarding the effectiveness of legal notification programs.

You will also have the support of a judicially recognized expert with over 20 years of industry experience in implementing notification programs in both US and international markets.

Our team will:

  • Develop tailored media and noticing strategies supported by judicial opinion
  • Use demographic and media analysis to determine the most effective channels for your engagement
  • Design, draft, and distribute plain-language notices that class members will easily understand
  • Provide defensible opinions and testimony from subject matter experts, as necessary, in support of your notice program
  • Use unrivaled experience, creative thinking, and cutting-edge technology to bring your noticing strategy to life

Verita’s scalable call center is recognized for excellence and customer satisfaction.

You’ll benefit from support specialists who can reduce inquiries to Counsel, address creditor concerns, and provide answers to common questions about claim forms, general case information, and more.

For your engagement, we will:

  • Establish a dedicated toll-free number for class member inquiries
  • Track, record, and report on all call center activity for your case (inbound/outbound)
  • Deliver consistent, approved messaging tailored to developments in the case
  • Deploy our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems to inform class members of important tasks and milestones, at scale

In cases of product recall, Verita will consult with you to build a comprehensive plan for prompt and efficient recall — while minimizing reputational damage.

That includes full logistics support, along with product processing on compressed or extended timelines.

Our recall services include:

  • Award-winning, robust telephone support
  • An array of solutions for consumer and distributor noticing
    • Mail
    • In-store or Out of Home (OOH) display
    • Print media
    • Digital media
    • Broadcast media
  • Processing recall claims and refund requests
  • Distribution of associated refunds
  • Product collection and/or exchange
  • Scheduling support for repairs
  • Creation of content-rich, user-friendly sites to facilitate the recall process
  • Timely reporting on all elements of the recall effort

Verita offers expert support throughout the lifecycle of a settlement — from the initial escrow phase through distribution and final accounting — ensuring a seamless movement of funds. This includes active management of settlement funds, facilitating disbursements to class members, and coordinating all necessary tax reporting.

Our team can:

  • Register the Qualified Settlement Funds (QSF), manage the funds and file the annual return at both the federal and state level
  • Facilitate class disbursements through a multitude of payment platforms, including:
    • Direct payments via PayPal, Venmo, Zelle or Amazon, leveraging the claimant’s token (e.g. email address or mobile number)
    • Wire transfers in high volume or high value, domestic or international
    • Traditional business checks in USD and CAD
    • Automated Clearing House (ACH) batch transfers
    • SEPA credit transfers (Single Euro Payments Area)
    • Virtual or physical debit cards
    • Interac – a digital payment platform in Canada

The People Behind Verita Settlement Administration

The best results require professional excellence from all involved. At Verita, we are rooted in transparency and candor. Our experts, the core of whom have worked together for two decades, have advised on roughly 1/3 of the top 100 class action settlements of all time. Our team brings multiple decades of experience to your settlement, working with you to meet your immediate needs and ensure that every issue is paired with a solution.

Whatever your needs, you can depend on us to get the job done.

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