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Leverage domestic infrastructure and industry-leading experience with Verita’s versatile team of case managers, IT specialists, and
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Introducing Settlement Administration in Canada

Verita’s industry-leading experience and cumulative expertise in Canada, complemented by our international team, help us address the needs of your settlement while scaling with its growth and complexity. Learn how we can help with a vast array of specialized processes, solutions, and staff — all ready to maximize claimants’ experience and deliver certainty.

Extensive Cross-Border Experience

With professional experience spanning hundreds of administrations, Verita’s Canadian settlement administration team has been responsible for efficiently resolving some of the largest, most complex cross-border cases over the past 20 years.

Unmatched Client Support

Verita works to build a deep understanding of your settlement, evaluating each party’s desired outcomes and working to enhance the claimant experience. This approach helps boost public confidence in the class proceeding process as an effective legal tool.

Secure, Scalable Technology

Verita’s systems streamline, maximize, and secure your entire administration process. Our exacting standards include data integrity processes that protect claimant information and ensure adherence to Canada’s privacy and data protection laws.

How can we help?

With decades of experience across all manner of Canadian class action, redress, and non-litigation compensation plans, over 200 cases under our belts, and a comprehensive suite of class action services, Verita can help streamline your processes even as your engagement evolves and scales.

We are ready to build a carefully qualified and expertly curated proposal to account for the full scope of your needs.

With over 20 years of proven experience across securities, price-fixing, consumer, government, institutional duty of care, and medical cases, Verita’s industry experts are ready to help build a successful plan for your engagement, whatever your needs.

Prior to finalizing a settlement, the Verita team consults with counsel to develop a comprehensive project plan for predictable, efficient administration — and helps avoid unexpected costs and interruptions.

During consultation, our experts:

  • Determine potential claim rates, effective settlement structures, and the most cost-effective methods of notice and distribution
  • Review and recommend changes, where necessary, to the entitlement calculation. This helps minimize deficiencies, reduce the case cycle time, and makes your administration more cost-effective, overall
  • Set clear notice and claims timelines
  • Establish best practices for data gathering and management
  • Design a multimedia strategy and noticing plan, tailored to the needs of your class
  • Develop a content-rich website for your case to help streamline future communication
  • Create a plan for the efficient intake and management of claims and their associated documents

Our Montreal call center is staffed by bilingual operators ready to assist claimants in both English and French, as needed.

Verita’s trained call center specialists can reduce inquiries to counsel by responding to class member questions and concerns, assisting with claim forms, and facilitating other requests.

As part of your engagement, our call center can:

  • Establish a dedicated, toll-free number for your case members’ inquiries
  • Provide scalable, 24/7 support with up to 900 seats and service in 27 languages
  • Track, record, and report on all inbound and outbound activity
  • Deliver approved, scripted messaging to ensure your class members receive accurate and up-to-date case information
  • Deploy Verita’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems to manage case updates, including giving notice of important dates

Throughout your engagement, Verita’s expert process engineering helps to efficiently manage each step of the claims administration process — to the benefit of the Court, the parties, and the class.

By designing and executing a clear, effective notification plan, we help you reach and engage prospective claimants, as well as receive and accurately process large volumes of claims.

Our Class Action team works closely with you to:

  • Explain the claims process and its potential benefits to prospective claimants, increasing the likelihood of a claim being made
  • Distribute customized claim forms
  • Securely process claim forms submitted online or by mail
  • Deploy OCR and mark-sensing technologies to reduce cost and processing time — without sacrificing accuracy

Verita’s expert team, along with our scalable technology and infrastructure, helps you accurately, securely, and efficiently manage any volume of data throughout your engagement.

With industry-leading data security processes and stringent quality control, our team works to:

  • Identify and correct undeliverable addresses
  • Match and update Canada Post addresses to help ensure delivery of all relevant documentation
  • Remove duplicate addresses to reduce your postage costs
  • Translate and transfer class member data
  • Import records into our case management system for ease of organization and access
  • Provide custom reporting on your engagement
  • Ensure the quality and security of your class data by:
    • Barcoding claims with a unique identifier
    • Batching claims
    • Requiring peer-to-peer signoff on data manipulation
    • Using third-party auditing of allocation calculations
    • Measuring all results against transparent performance objectives


As your case scales, you need economic noticing options that meet both your legal obligations and budgetary goals.

Verita can build and execute a comprehensive, carefully qualified, and expertly curated proposal to achieve those goals.

Verita’s in-house team of industry professionals offers a range of tailored, cost-effective noticing solutions to meet your needs, including:

  • Strategic, multi-channel media plans that engage class members with easy-to-understand materials
  • Cutting-edge digital tactics that help boost your audience reach, frequency, and penetration
  • A range of cost-effective noticing formats, including direct mail, email, and multimedia programming
  • Internal content experts to create clear, impactful messages for your class members, including graphic design specialists, editors, advertisers, and public relations professionals
  • Claim form design services that help your class members understand and easily complete each form
  • Pre-settlement sessions to assess your needs upfront and avoid unexpected costs or disruptions
  • Research support to identify potential class members and help you reach more prospective claimants
  • Case sizing and class member profiling ensure your notification plan fits the unique characteristics of each case
  • Transparent, custom reporting tailored to each settlement, and designed to help you meet your specific project goals

Our extensive experience implementing and measuring some of the largest Notice & Media plans in Canadian class action history (VW, IRSSA, D-Ram, Polyfoam, Autoparts, Desjardins, and many others) ensures costing you can trust — and that we deliver results completely in scope.

The People Behind Verita Settlement Administration Canada

The best results require professional excellence from your entire team. Verita’s client service experts bring decades of experience to your settlement, working with you to meet your immediate needs — and plan for future possibilities.

Whatever your needs, you can depend on us to get the job done.

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