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With fully-integrated services and technology for every step of the mass tort process, Verita offers comprehensive, dedicated support to help streamline your workload and manage claimants from intake to settlement.

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A New Paradigm for Mass Tort

Whatever your needs, Verita’s mass tort experts bring decades of experience, strategic insight, and dedicated client care to each engagement. With our veteran consultants’ deep understanding of complex mass tort administration, Verita offers a single, trusted source for your firm’s needs.

Why Verita?

calendar Comprehensive Support Services

Verita’s mass tort team offers an array of services both à la carte and as an all-inclusive partnership that helps maximize the value of your leads from intake through settlement.

paper Unparalleled Experience

With experience distributing over $500 billion in funds annually and backed by the strategic support of GCP Capital Partners, Verita is ready to help you navigate your litigation, regardless of its scale or complexity.

hand-shake Effective Client Management

With call center support and a wide range of communication solutions, Verita helps keep your claimants engaged, ensuring you retain clients and efficiently address their needs throughout the litigation lifecycle.

How can we help?

Learn more about the advantages of working with the Verita team with a deeper look at our mass tort services.

Verita works to tailor our approach to your specific needs.

With a range of cost-effective services to streamline the process for each claimant, we help ensure predictable and efficient results.

Verita’s consultation and project management services include:

  • Project set-up and logistics
  • Identifying project requirements and goals to prepare
  • Developing transparent timeframes for all aspects of the engagement
  • Establishing clear workflows and SLAs
  • Delivering detailed reporting and analytics to measure progress

Verita provides outreach and screening services to help you easily assess and retain qualified claimants.

Our proven, seamless process helps maximize the return on your firm’s marketing efforts and retain clients through settlement.

Services include:

  • 24/7 contact center to manage claimant questions and concerns
  • Dedicated web, text, and email contact options for leads and clients
  • Live outbound calling campaigns to help maximize reach
  • Thorough follow-up processes to convert leads to clients

To ensure the smooth resolution of your mass tort administration, a thorough understanding of your clients’ medical records is paramount.

Verita streamlines your work with a medical records review process that includes:

  • Retrieval of claimants’ medical records
  • Medical record bookmarking and annotation, for ease of reference and organization
  • Review for proof of use and injury to avoid unexpected disruptions to your settlement
  • Management of additional medical record requests, reducing the burden on counsel

Whatever the size of your engagement, Verita offers a range of effective claims management services, including:

  • Dedicated case managers, assigned to each of your claimants
  • Live phone and email support for ongoing questions or concerns
  • Diligent follow-up protocols to maintain client engagement and retention
  • Mass communication blasts to reach your full client roster quickly and efficiently
  • Dedicated online portals for clients to submit information relevant to the case
  • Distribution and collection of all necessary forms, authorizations, releases, and agreements that require client signatures

Your plaintiff fact sheets are a crucial source of truth throughout the mass tort process but can drain your team’s time and budget.

Verita’s expert consultants can provide:

  • A thorough process to ensure the accurate completion of plaintiff fact sheets
  • Vast resources to record large volumes of information on a strict timetable
  • A streamlined cure process to remedy deficient fact sheets

Your Verita team will work directly with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), as well as private insurance and individual state agencies charged with administering Medicaid to ensure that all liens are efficiently resolved.

Specific services include:

  • Reporting allocations to Medicare/Medicaid
  • Negotiating lien amount(s) for your engagement
  • Resolving all final liens

Verita’s decades of experience and industry-leading technology allow us to effectively manage your settlement process from intake to disbursement.

Our administration services include:

  • Preparation and dispatch of settlement claim documents
  • Review of relevant evidence and data to determine claimant eligibility and support valuation and scoring
  • Claimant follow-ups and ongoing communication to effectuate settlement
  • Snapshot reporting to keep you apprised of settlement participation and threshold requirements

With extensive experience holding and distributing settlement funds, the Verita team offers you secure, expert management of your settlement funds.

With experience distributing over $500 billion in funds annually, our expert team can provide:

  • Seamless administration support for your settlement funds and disbursements
  • Favorable and diverse investment options
  • Financial security, along with the backing of our strategic capital partner GCP Capital Partners
  • End-to-end solutions to streamline your processes
  • Comprehensive escrow services
  • Qualified settlement funds for your engagement
  • Comprehensive tax reporting

The People Behind Verita Mass Tort

The best results require professional excellence from all of your partners. Verita’s client service experts bring decades of experience to your work, addressing your immediate needs — and planning for future possibilities.

Whatever your needs, you can depend on us to get the job done.

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