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Introducing Corporate Restructuring

Verita’s industry-leading solutions driven by our passionately responsive experts and proprietary technologies streamline your work throughout all aspects of corporate restructurings. Benefit from superior data management, cost-efficient processes, and a partner you can always count on.

Why Verita?

With an inclusive suite of innovative and efficient solutions and decades of expertise, Verita offers you a single, trusted partner that significantly streamlines the complexities of the restructuring process.

Decades of Excellence

For more than 20 years, Verita has offered unparalleled support and award-winning services as a premier claims and noticing agent. This extensive experience helps us tailor our work to the specific needs of the company and its professionals.

paper Comprehensive Service Suite

From claims administration to innovative eServices, Verita helps you seamlessly bring your restructuring administration under one roof. Get support for pre-filing services, creditor matrix compilation, noticing, document production, schedules & statements, ballot tabulation, escrow services, and more.

hand-shake Client-Focused Expertise

Verita’s client-centric approach tailors each engagement to your needs, with a focus on cost efficiency and reliable, advanced data management. We work to prove our reputation for trusted, highly responsive service in every engagement.

Our Services

Verita tailors our range of proven service offerings to your needs, and the specifics of your chapter 11, chapter 9, or chapter 15 process.


Verita’s automated processing systems are the culmination of nearly two decades of investment in the technology, people, and infrastructure to support your engagement.

Designed by our restructuring experts, the Verita eServices platform offers both digital and mobile solutions to streamline your case administration processes, while slotting seamlessly into your preferred workflows.

These eServices include:

  • Redesigned Case Websites
    • Verita case websites offer a responsive, intuitive interface for creditors, debtors, professionals, and other interested parties to access case information from any device.
  • Redesigned Client Access Websites
    • These sites offer your team a secured portal to access, search, and report on claims, ballots, docket information, and history. This includes real-time claims and ballot tabulation reporting.
  • ePOC solutions
    • Verita is a court-approved electronic proof of claims (ePOC) provider, offering automated options for claimants to upload and file their claims, increasing efficiency and data security.
  •  eBallot Solutions
    • Our fully customizable, automated electronic balloting system can conform to any format, fields, or questions that debtors and their teams require. Submitted ballots and eBallots are automatically transferred into our system for real-time tabulation reporting.
  • Opt-in eNoticing Solutions
    • Leverage the industry’s first eNoticing services to deliver the required court notices, documents, and updates to creditors — digitally and on any device.

When dealing with Protected Health Information (PHI) or Electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI), you need to go above and beyond to ensure compliance and maintain your partners’ trust.

Verita offers comprehensive support to help you do just that, with experienced case teams trained in HIPAA requirements.

We offer absolute confidentiality and approach your engagement with integrity and rigorous ethical standards to give both you and your clients total peace of mind.

To help you navigate even the most complex healthcare engagements, we offer:

  • Proven processes that comply with HIPAA Privacy, Security, and Breach Notification Rules, along with Business Associate Agreements (BAAs) as required
  • A full-spectrum, HIPAA-compliant approach to data protection, including technical, physical, and administrative safeguards
  • Expert guidance throughout your engagement to help you navigate all applicable federal, state, and local laws with confidence
    • Our team is ready to manage HIPAA requirements, along with HI-TECH, GINA, and applicable privacy laws and regulations
  • A rigorous data and information security program updated annually to accommodate evolving best practices
  • Expert support to protect you from common threats and security issues that can lead to unauthorized access, compromised data, or otherwise harm your clients
  • A veteran team trained in HIPAA compliance and with experience from numerous representative case engagements
  • Supplemental training, policies, and procedures for your support team to ensure top-notch data hygiene and the fulfillment of all contractual requirements (including annual training for employees with access to PHI and ePHI)

Led by industry experts David Hartie and James Lee, the Verita Securities team offers clear insight into complex public securities matters alongside advisory and administration services, court testimony, and an unparalleled commitment to client service excellence.

Service options include:

  • Procedures for pre-packaged plan voting geared toward public securities holders
  • Pre-filing preparation, including exhaustive research into debtors’ holdings and identification of all involved securities and their components
  • A combination of first-day and ongoing noticing to keep securities holders informed of key developments
  • Solicitation and balloting, using a variety of established practices, for Plans of Reorganization, Competing Plans, Pre-Packaged Plans, and more
  • Support for international securities by leveraging Verita’s close working relationship with non-US Depositories and in-depth knowledge of international markets
  • Support for Rights Offerings, Exchange Offers, and Consents through our status as an approved agent with DTC’s Automated Tender Offer (ATO) and Automated Subscription Offer Program (ASOP)
  • Management of roll-up note offers and distributions, ensuring all transactions and processes run smoothly and transparently

As part of your engagement, Verita can offer a team of experts to effectively facilitate and manage your fund account or you can choose to fully manage your fiduciary accounts from Verita’s UST-compliant, end-to-end fiduciary platform.

With Verita, you also benefit from more UST-approved banking options than with any other industry provider, including proprietary software that produces automated UST-required reporting.

Verita is also set up to provide collateralization, no matter the size of your deposit. Our dedicated team of professionals can also facilitate creditor payments through our comprehensive disbursement platform as well as provide additional support with W-9 and W-8 tax reporting, ensuring compliance with IRS guidelines.

Our experts can ease your administrative burden by managing funds for:

  • DIP Accounts
  • 363 Sales Escrows
  • Professional Fee Escrows
  • Pre-petition Accounts
  • Distribution Accounts
  • Liquidating or Litigation Trusts
  • Sub-Chapter V DIP Accounts
  • State Court and Federal Equity Receiverships
  • Chapter 15 and Complicated International Disbursements
  • Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors
  • Partition Referee Accounts

Whether payment is through checks, wires, or other new and exciting electronic formats, our team devises a plan and schedule to efficiently administer creditor recoveries.

Proper data preparation and management is essential to a successful chapter 11 filing.

In collaboration with your team, Verita can collect, analyze, and interpret the data from all relevant systems in order to produce any necessary documentation.

To meet your pre-filing needs, Verita can:

  • Offer a combination of remote and on-site support for your needs
  • Gather pertinent data from debtor financial systems, human resources files, and more
  • Prepare a creditor matrix, Schedules of Assets and Liabilities, or Statements of Financial Affairs
  • Create a case-specific website to centralize case information
  • Compile service lists for the different constituencies entitled to notices during your case
  • Gather, scan, and/or review all contracts to create a virtual data room for the case

Verita works with your team to design an effective noticing campaign tailored to the details of your case.

That includes identifying constituents for noticing, compiling and maintaining notice lists from pre-petition through post-confirmation, and the distribution of all relevant documents to interested parties throughout the restructuring.

We work to ensure timely, effective noticing, and can:

  • Distribute all necessary notices and other pleadings, including:
    • First-day orders
    • Creditor meeting notices
    • Bar date notices
    • Plan and disclosure statement notices
  • Prepare and distribute complex variable data mailings
  • Coordinate static and custom email services tailored to the size of your engagement, along with comprehensive reporting
  • Facilitate creditor communications for all case milestones
  • Develop a case-specific website to share information and pleadings globally
  • Automate site updates with real-time downloads from the Courts’ dockets
  • Help build a full media plan to reach target audiences using all relevant channels in markets around the world
  • Assist with creating an effective social media noticing plan, including Facebook, X (Twitter), and Google
  • Prepare affidavits of service to evidence the distribution of notices in the bankruptcy court
  • Utilize our Memphis-based production infrastructure for quick document turnarounds and the latest submission deadlines in the industry

The claims process can be the most complex administrative aspect of any corporate restructuring case. Verita can help you manage those complexities with technology solutions and services specifically designed to address common frustrations throughout the claims administration process.

Your engagement comes with the support of our propriety CaseView database system, enabling your Verita team to efficiently design, maintain, and administer all claims related to your case. That includes those submitted via our automated, propriety electronic proof of claims (ePOC) platform, approved in multiple jurisdictions across the US.

The solutions help easily capture all claims relevant to your restructuring process. Verita also works with you to:

  • Distribute and process customized, barcoded claim forms with information specific to each creditor
  • Automatically associate these claim forms with creditor and scheduled information
  • Efficiently process electronically submitted claims without impacting your team’s capacity
  • Generate reports for filed and scheduled claims automatically or by request
  • Assist with the claims reconciliation process, including preparing claims objection exhibits
  • Monitor claim transfers, submitting accurate and transparent activity reports and records
  • Track and process all claim objection and other related pleadings in order to maintain accurate claim registers in real-time

Take advantage of Verita’s efficient solicitation procedures and processes to implement your proposed Plan of Reorganization.

After identifying appropriate members for each voting class, we work with debtor’s counsel to coordinate the design, printing, and mailing of solicitation materials and customized ballots.

To address your specific needs, Verita can:

  • Provide customized ballots and materials via a range of physical and digital media, including USB flash drives and CD-ROMs
  • Develop effective solicitation procedures to ensure seamless communication with all voting classes
  • Identify appropriate members for each voting class in a manageable format for quick review
  • Create creditor-specific ballots linked to ballot records via barcode
  • Automate ballot tabulation for efficient, real-time reporting on results
  • Deploy our proven, proprietary electronic solicitation platform to allow creditors to vote online
  • Review ballots and certify all voting results

Verita’s scalable call center is recognized for excellence and customer satisfaction, delivering professional service in cases both small and large.

You’ll benefit from support specialists who can reduce inquiries to counsel, address creditor concerns, and provide answers to common questions about the restructuring process.

For your engagement, we will:

  • Establish a dedicated toll-free number to respond to creditor inquiries
  • Track, record, and report on all call center activity for your case (inbound/outbound)
  • Deliver consistent, approved messaging tailored to developments in the case
  • Deploy our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems to inform creditors of important tasks and milestones, at scale

To maintain transparency throughout the bankruptcy process, Verita offers trusted support for Official Committees in need of cost-effective solutions.

While our service offerings can be customized to your needs, popular solutions include:

  • Official Committee Website
    • Your Verita team can create a custom case website for Committee members and creditors to share case information and pertinent documents.
  • Noticing
    • Verita can distribute all necessary notices and other pleadings, including any motions filed by Committee professionals.
  • Call Center
    • Our scalable call center can manage and respond to all creditor inquiries not requiring legal expertise, reducing the burden on your team and counsel. We can provide a dedicated email or toll-free number staffed by knowledgeable case consultants.
  • Balloting and Solicitation
    • Verita develops effective solicitation procedures and processes to carry out your Plan of Reorganization, including the creation of tabulation of creditor-specific ballots, distribution of solicitation materials, and real-time reporting of voting results.

The People Behind Verita Corporate Restructuring

The best results require professional excellence from your entire team. Verita’s client service experts bring decades of experience to your restructuring process, working with you to meet your immediate needs — and plan for future possibilities.

Whatever your needs, you can depend on us to get the job done.

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