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Professional trust isn’t built overnight. Over decades of work and thousands of client interactions, Verita has built a foundation of unmatched experience and expertise — trusted by partners around the world.

Who We Are

Whether you need legal, fiduciary, or administrative support, Verita offers thoughtful solutions, proven processes, and transparent communication to help you meet any challenge.

A standard of excellence you can rely on, whatever your needs.

Our History

KCC is founded

March 2001

As a claims and noticing agent offering administrative support to both legal and financial professionals, the KCC team offers a comprehensive suite of services and technologies to streamline their partners’ work.

KCC acquires Rosenthal & Company

May 2010

KCC acquires Rosenthal & Company, a class action settlement administrator founded in 2001.

This acquisition expands KCC’s offerings into the class action market. By welcoming Rosenthal & Company into the fold, KCC further solidifies its position in the settlement administration industry.

KCC acquires Gilardi & Co.

August 2015

KCC acquires Gilardi & Co., a leading class action claims administrator based in California, founded in 1984.

Known for its strengths in government, securities, and antitrust class action claims administration, Gilardi’s addition complements KCC’s suite of services and clients, bringing decades of experience and expertise to the business.

KCC acquires RicePoint

September 2016

KCC acquires RicePoint, the premier, market-leading expert in legal administration in Canada, founded in 2001.

The acquisition expands KCC’s strong domestic foothold into international markets.

KCC acquires Title XI Software Solutions

July 2018

KCC acquires Title XI Software Solutions, a leading provider of software solutions for bankruptcy administration, founded in 2011.

Title XI’s trusted software and expert team help expand KCC’s portfolio of Chapter 11, Chapter 7, and trustee support services, continuing KCC’s journey towards being a one-stop shop for bankruptcy and restructuring clients.

KCC signs a definitive agreement with IQ7 Technology

May 2020

KCC signs a definitive agreement with IQ7 Technology, founded in 2015, bringing Chapter 7 administration services to IQ7’s trustee clients, while seamlessly migrating them to the suite of best-in-class solutions available on the KCC technology platform.

This marks the continued growth of KCC’s expert service for bankruptcy professionals from coast-to-coast.

GCP Capital Partners lead the acquisition of KCC

May 2023

GCP Capital Partners lead the acquisition of KCC, providing capital and strategic support for the continued expansion of its service offerings.

With realized investments generating over $3 billion in proceeds, GCP brings a proven record of success to KCC’s ongoing growth.

Verita is born

June 2024

Bringing together the expert teams from KCC, Gilardi, and RicePoint under a new identity, Verita represents the next step in our journey to set the standard of administrative excellence for industry professionals around the world.

Let’s get to work.

Our expert team is ready to find and deploy the best solutions, whatever your needs. Find out how Verita can help.

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